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In the Bregenzerwald media database, you can find a collection of images divided into various subject areas. The images are the property of Bregenzerwald Tourismus GmbH, the local tourist organisations or service providers in the region. They possess all the utilisation rights. Bregenzerwald Tourismus provides the images free of charge for the purpose of publication in media associated with topics pertaining to tourism in the Bregenzerwald, and for the publication of advertising by tourism operators in the region. Commercial use (such as for calendars, books, postcards or other product advertising not associated with the tourism industry) is not permitted / requires separate consultation and a written agreement. In the event of the publication of an image, the name of the photographer and the archive description (e.g. Foto©Adolf Bereuter_Bregenzerwald Tourismus) are obligatory. In the event of non-compliance, the photographer is entitled to charge a copyright fee for the use.

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